Monday, April 4, 2011

Ehle Custom Stationery's First-Ever BLOG GIVEAWAY! (that means free...)

Yes, you read that right. In the spirit of getting my butt in gear and getting back to business, I'm giving away my first-ever prize package. Exciting, right? I'm pretty darn excited about it! Oh, but not only is this a wonderful prize package, it includes a couple exclusive products that aren't even for sale, yet!

But now for the rules. I'm not just going to GIVE it away. You have to do something for it. Don't worry, it's not hard.
  • Rule #1: Like Ehle Custom Stationery on Facebook. Here you can get all sorts of news from ECS and get pics of what is currently in the works. You'll also find some sales announced here from time to time. If you have already liked us, fabulous! If not, I won't make you feel bad, but I will look away while you head on over to Facebook to like us. I'll pretend I didn't notice you hadn't liked us already... (you can click on the image below to go to the Ehle page on Facebook)
  • Rule #2: Leave a comment on this entry letting me know where your notecards go. Where do you send them? If you don't write letters, to whom do you gift them? If you're not in it for the notecards at all, if you're more of a magnet, book or gift tag kind of person, where do they go? I thought it would be fun to know where all my products have been. I can't wait to hear about it!
With that said, I feel like I can now reveal the prize... curtain's being raised, you're on the edge of your seat... ta da!
 For the lucky winner, they receive 3 ECS original design notecards, 2 of which are not in the shop, yet. There is also 1 set of ECS bubble magnets and a lovingly hand-stitched pocket notebook also not in the shop, yet. I had a really fun time choosing what to give away, and these notecards are seriously some of my favorites, the banner one, especially. Here's the breakdown:
  • (1) Thank You Card w/ envelope (invitation size)
  • (1) Hello Friend Banner Card w/ envelope (invitation size)
  • (1) Party Penguin Card w/ handmade self-adhesive envelope
  • (1) 4-piece Creamy Soup Magnet Set
  • (1) Breezy Trees 20 page Pocket Notebook
To recap, in order to win this prize package, you must 1) Like ECS on Facebook (see Rule #1) AND 2) Leave a comment letting me know where your ECS products have been or will go. It's easy, right?! All entries are due by Wednesday, April 6 at midnight. Don't worry about the time zone, I'm sure it'll be close enough. :) On Thursday morning (April 7), I will put all the names in a random drawing, and I'll let Joey pick a name for me. I will do my best to read the name before he tries to eat it.

If you have any questions at all for me, please let me know. I'm really excited about my first giveaway, and I hope you guys have fun with it! Good luck!


  1. My ECS cards go to various people in Michigan, as well as Ohio, Texas and New Mexico. All of my loved ones LOVE my ECS cards. I plan to custom order sets of cards for my coworkers for Christmas too. I love ECS!

  2. My Ehle Stationary would go to my family in Michigan! Or Nashville... because my best friend HAD to move away! lol. I also LOVE Ehle magnets because they are far more stylish than magnets one finds in a store and they match my place =)

  3. My notecards go to my momma because they make her smile. My best best friend collects magnets so I try to send any interesting ones I find to him!

  4. Note notecards would go to Wyoming and back to Albuquerque where I left some amazing people!!!

  5. LOVE the cards and everything else!! :) I would use the penguin card for my brother who lives in AZ who likes penguins and tell him it's time to party because i'm visiting. :) I'd use the notebook for myself to write things I want to remember forever. I'd give the thank you notecard to my friends for being there when I needed them the most!!! The magnets I would keep and same with the notecard that says Hello friend and I would put it on my fridge to welcome my friends. :)

  6. I would send my notes to a friend in Florida and to my sweet friends in Atlanta. I just love the tree notebook... to cute for keeping up with random stuff!!