Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Have a New Work Table!

Yes! I have a brand new work table made by none other than my wonderful husband. He made it for me for my birthday, and it's finally been installed! It folds up against the wall for storage. Lucky for him, though, I don't EVER intend on folding it away. There will undoubtedly always be SOMETHING on it. :)
Here we have my lovely model, Joey showing off its wonderful table-ness. It holds things, like tupperware bowls, on its surface wonderfully. It is also a good place at which to sit. Scott painted it my favorite color (purple!), and, my personal favorite detail, added decorative exposed screw heads. Beautiful!
And here we have me in my usual crafting position. That is to say crouched over just asking for back pain but enjoying myself immensely! So here's to a wonderful husband who is incredibly talented in the work shop. In making me this wonderful crafting table, he has unknowingly added some more items to his work list. :) Happy Crafting... and Happy Birthday to me!

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